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Curve Boring Workouts: 5 Best Options for Curved Treadmills

Susy WulfApril 15, 20225 mins read

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Psst. Today, we have something to share with you. Have you ever heard of a curved treadmill or stairlift?

These treadmills are not like a regular flat treadmill with a belt. They have a slightly concave running area made up of several slats. They are powered by your efforts, not electricity. You can set the pace and the treadmill will respond to your movements.

According to a 2018 study, a curved treadmill is great for speed training and HIIT workouts. You can change your speed or stop at a moment’s notice without having to slow down. A curved treadmill can also provide a more intense workout. But what’s the downside? The drawback?

However, a curved treadmill offers a completely different experience than a traditional treadmill. It’s also favored by competitive runners, professional athletes, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

If you’re interested in giving this human hamster wheel an attempt, here are our top curved treadmills.

Why would you want to run on a curved treadmill when you can do so?

A curved treadmill is not only cool but it can also be used for running. We spoke with Dr. Helen Goldstein, Director of Physical Therapy at FlexIt. FlexIt is a virtual personal trainer. There are three main benefits to using a curved treadmill, according to Goldstein.

  1. Better workout. She explains that curved treadmills are more effective. She continues, “The curve of the treadmill allows gravity to pull the belt down, allowing you to adapt to your speed.” A longer stride allows you to increase speed by striking the foot higher up on the treadmill. Is Vans making running shoes?
  2. Safety improvements. Dr. Goldstein explained that a curved treadmill allows you to set the speed yourself, instead of clicking a 10.0 speed and realizing too late that you can’t keep pace with. However, she reminds us that a curved treadmill can be a completely different experience than a regular treadmill. It may take some time to get used to.
  3. Convenience. Convenience.

How we picked our picks

There aren’t many curved treadmills available on the market. And there are few reviews. We chose the treadmills that were made by trusted brands like Technogym and Woodway and those that had positive reviews. They are generally very well made, and don’t have the same popularity as Amazon’s cheap knockoffs.

We made sure that we looked at all price points when choosing curved treadmills. Although they’re all costly, some people can see the difference between $3 and $10 million.

Pricing guide

  • $ = Less than $3,000
  • $$ = $3,000-$6,000
  • $$$ = $6,000+

The best curved treadmills

Highest end

NOHrD Sprintbok Treadmill

We can only say this: This is the most stunning piece of equipment we have ever seen. It’s simply stunning. Woodgrain looks like a chef’s dream. The Sprintbok’s vibration-minimizing design is what NOHrD claims makes it super quiet. You can also use the Sprintbok app on your tablet to track your progress or stream your workouts.

Best budget option

SB Fitness Equipment CT400

This was the cheapest curved treadmill that we came across. It also has a sub-$3,000 cost. Bluetooth connectivity allows for heart rate monitoring and there are three levels of manual resistance to give you more challenge.

Best for larger bodies

Woodway CurveXL

Woodway Curve is a popular curved treadmill. It’s been used in many scientific studies on curved treadmills. Although most curved treadmills are limited to a maximum user weight of 350 pounds (159-kilograms), this Curve XL model can support up to 400 pounds (185 kilograms) while running and 800 pounds (363 kg) when walking.

The treadmill is designed for taller people. It measures over 6 feet (183 cm) high and 7 feet (213 cm) long. This allows for comfortable walking and allows for vertical blessings.

Ideal for all-body workouts

Technogym Skillmill Connect

The Skillmill is basically a gym in one. Dual handlebars allow you to safely adjust your position to activate different muscle groups. The optional accessory kit includes straps, handles and a belt that can be added to your workout. This will allow you to do resistance training sessions during cardio.

Skillmill Connect can also be Bluetooth-enabled to track heart rate and progress, and Technogym mywellness can be used to access Skillmill workouts.

Best for work

TrueForm Office Cruiser

TrueForm produces two popular curved treadmills, the Trainer and Runner. But they’ve also branched out into standing-desk-friendly treadmills to suit the WFH crowd. The Office Cruiser is a Runner that has no display and open handlebars. It can be used with a standing desk. This minimalist option has no connectivity or display but it will give you a great workout.

The bottom line

If you want to get faster, a curved treadmill could be your best friend. You have more control over your speed with the foot-powered slats than a flat treadmill fitted with a belt. This makes it more intense. These treadmills are also great for HIIT training. Although they are heavy and costly, curved treadmills can be very useful if you want to improve your running skills.

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