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How can a dry January affect your exercise routine

Susy WulfMarch 26, 20224 mins read

Many people focus on the health benefits that Sober January has for their bodies. The potential benefits for fitness might make athletes and regular exercisers more motivated.

You may have a gym membership, well-loved running sneakers, or an over-priced garage. Here are some ways that drying could help you get more juice.

Is alcohol able to affect exercise?

Yep! Yes! The impact of alcohol can vary depending on how often you drink.

aEURoeIf your drinking habits are 2x/week, it could be a problem that you’re preventing you from getting at least 7 days of training. Sharon Gam, PhD is an exercise physiologist, and certified strength- and conditioning coach. You might get only 2 to 3 good training days out of 5. This will reduce your effectiveness by half.

aEURoeReducing alcohol intake is important if you are serious about your health and fitness goals. You can achieve your fitness goals quicker by reducing alcohol intake.

There are four main ways that alcohol can affect your quality of life

1. Recovery

FYI: Alcohol does not provide a cure for all ailments. ItaEUR(tm), actually, is the reverse.

Gam explains that alcohol is a foreign substance and the body registers it as such. Your body will work overtime to try and metabolize alcohol as soon as it gets into your system. including muscle repair.

What is the result? The result? You are losing a lot of time that you could be recuperating.

Your body will prioritize muscle growth and repair if you don’t drink after a workout. Your investment (workout) will bring you back the gains.

The temptation to drink alcohol after a workout. Instead, eat good quality carbohydrate, and protein, which can be used to rebuild muscle and replenish muscle glycogen. Here are some great post-workout meals to consider if you’re looking for some inspiration.

2. Sleep quality

Even though it might seem like you’re going to sleep after a night out, youaEUR(tm), are not actually entering deep REM asleep after drinking, according to Pete McCall, MS., CSCS. CPT, host on the All About Fitness Podcast.

The body produces testosterone when it experiences rapid eye movement (REM). Nonrapid eyes movement (NREM), is when the body makes human growth hormone. These two factors are crucial for muscle growth and repair.

aEURoeIf your body is constantly being beaten at the gym, and then at the bar, you’ll start to notice things like nagging pains, aEUR McCall states, which can be a sign of poor recovery and muscle repair.

Do you want to have a glass of something that promotes recovery? Drink some tart cherry juice to help reduce exercise-induced inflammation.

3. Risk of injury

especially if that exercise routine involves a machine or weights.

First, hungover people will feel tired, cranky, nauseated, and disoriented. Fam, pulling, pushing, squatting or hinging heavy-ass loads when youaEUR(tm),re doing any of these things cannot be overstated.

Your performance will likely decrease, beyond the risk of your weight getting splat all over your face.

which is a pretty intense drop off,aEUR says Gam. Your performance can drop to 89 percent over time if it isn’t what you could be.

Although not everyone exercises to compete or win a game or competition, she makes an important point: aEURoeIf your training is not efficient, your performance in training will suffer.

4. Body fuel

I hate to break it to ya, but alcoholic beverages are high in calories and low in nutrients.

McCall says that Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram while protein and carbohydrate have only 4 calories per gram.

Average beer contains 14 grams of alcohol. This makes a single brew approximately 98 calories. It’s not uncommon to drink more than one beer. He says that if you eliminate alcohol, it is easy to cut down on calories.

It is a great idea to cut back on calories that lack nutrients.

Transforming a monthaEUR(tm), into a lifestyle

Although it may not seem like a huge improvement in your results, going dry for January or any other time period you choose is actually quite beneficial. You can begin to reap these benefits as soon as you stop drinking jungle juice.

However, if you do decide to start drinking alcohol again in February, please remember the age olaEUR(tm).

McCall says that a little alcohol is not going to cause you to lose your fitness goals. AEURoeBut not too much.aEUR

Gam suggests that you drink less than 4 percent alcohol when you do consume alcohol. AEURoeBe aware of the ingredients in the drink youaEUR ™, she says.

Be sure to make a decision that is both effective and sustainable for your fitness goals.

Susy Wulf

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