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Tips for Resetting Your Sleep Schedule after Travel

Susy WulfJanuary 24, 20224 mins read

Traveling can disrupt your daily rhythm, particularly your sleep schedule. Travelling across time zones can cause confusion in your internal time zone. Your body may be in Europe at night, while your mind is in the United States early in the morning. You might feel dizzy, groggy, or even nauseated.

These are some ways to get your normal sleep routine back after a trip!

Get started with adjustments before you go

Although there is no way to completely avoid jet lag entirely, it is possible to adjust your local time to minimize its effects before you depart. Start to get to sleep closer to your destination’s time zone a few days before you fly.

If you arrive at your destination five hours later, get to bed an hour or so later and rise the next morning an hour earlier. This can be done for only two to three days and give your body an extra boost upon arrival.

After you return, get back into a routine

Your body is attracted to your habits. So start a routine early and make it a habit. Get up and go to work at the exact same time. Your body will give you biological cues to determine whether it is hungry or sleepy.


Take some time to be kind to your body before you go to sleep. Turn off electronic devices such as cell phones, T.V.s and laptops. Relaxing music is a good choice. Do some yoga to loosen up. After a long flight, I love to take a long soak. ).

Get out there and do something!

Try working out, if you like stretching. It is great for your sleep. It not only burns fat and builds strength but it also tires your body so that you can have a restful and deep sleep. Be sure to exercise in the morning and early afternoon, as the earlier you get to bedtime the more disruptive it can be.

Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice

This little fact is not well-known. These little cherries can improve your sleep quality. The natural source of melatonin found in cherries is a great way to increase the duration and efficiency of sleep. It also reduces the risk of falling asleep after a long journey.

For a few weeks, drink a glass Montmorency tart cherry juice each morning and at night before you go to bed. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your sleep quality.

Make Your Mornings Bright and Your Evenings Dark

Your body uses light and dark to signal when it is time for alertness or when it is time for sleep. You can reset your body’s clock by taking steps. Encourage your brain to get up in the morning with bright lights, open windows, and a walk in sunshine.

What about nighttime? I mentioned that you should turn off your computer before going to sleep. Dimming the lights will also help.

Get dinner ready in advance

Routines are also good for your stomach. You should eat dinner between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. It is possible to disrupt your daily rhythm by eating late at night. A midnight meal can also cause your body to store more fat. These risks should be avoided and suppers should be served at a later hour.


A nap can be a blessing for a long journey. It is possible to fall asleep on the plane, in a taxi, or at your hotel.

My tip: Keep these naptimes short.

The optimal time is around 20 minutes. This will ensure that your body has a break, but not get sluggish. It’s important to keep it brief and simple so that your body doesn’t mistake naptime for new sleep.

This article was co-authored with the Cherry Marketing Institute. Visit the Choose Cherries website for more information about the science and research supporting tart cherries’ health benefits and delicious cherry recipes. These opinions are my own, as always.

Susy Wulf

Susy Wulf is a journalist, copywriter, editor and journalist. She has a BA degree in English from Monmouth University, and a MA in Global Communications (American University of Paris).


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